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Pro-Locksmith Takes A Look At The Most Common Door Lock Problems

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Keeping loved ones and valuables protected should be the priority of homeowners, but often they pay no attention to door locks before something goes wrong.

If you want to stop potential lockout or lock problems that are expensive to fix and can spoil your day, then stick to your door locks’ proper maintenance.

Some typical door security in Nashville issues can be an annoyance and potentially lead further down the road to costly lock replacement.

Inside the lock, the key is stored or lost.

Because of the misaligned door latch, your key could be trapped, or other lock components are not sufficiently lubricated. If the key is stuck, breaking the key within the locks can result in forcing it to turn.

We appreciate that you are short of time and in a rush to arrange an appointment. However, do not push it to open or close if you find that the key is stuck on the lock; you can end up aggravating the problem.

Contact a specialist to help cut the door lock key in Nashville and restore the locks at Pro-Locksmith.

Slow locks on doors

As a result of the accumulation of dirt or grime in your locks, stiffened or sluggish door locks can emerge. If you find that your lock handle is sluggish or putting the key into the safety is challenging. By injecting a cotton swab into the lock to remove the soil, you can opt for a DIY process.

Use a graphite or silicone spray on the lock if the affordable lock and key in Nashville are not lubricated enough, and never use oil or grease so they will clog during the cold seasons.

Misaligned latch on the door

You would find it impossible to shut or lock the door properly if the door latch misses the strike pad. This issue can creep up from time to time, and it can be triggered by improper mounted or screwed hinges, moist weather conditions, or heat.

It would be best to see the misalignment to address this problem and use the proper instruments to change the strike plates and tighten the door hinges. Call experts at Pro-Locksmith if it’s not repairable or you don’t have the equipment or ability for a DIY process.

The key rotates but does not lock.

Without pushing the knobs, small worn or dropped fragments may trigger the key to turn in the lock. This is a mechanical question, and someone who knows how a door system operates should repair it.

On the other side, if the key refuses to turn when you put it into the locks, then by applying graphite, you need to lubricate the keyhole.

Mechanism of defective door

Many door issues are mechanical and, over time and wear, they become unreliable. Because of excessive use, old locks can be troublesome, and non-maintenance of the locks may render them unreliable.

Therefore, experts’ mechanical door security in Nashville issues should be left to be solved because if you don’t know the lock mechanism, it’s not even worth trying a DIY option.

At Pro-Locksmith, we use non-destructive techniques to repair door lock issues, and before leaving the premises, our local trust locksmith will ensure that the locks are back in tip-top condition.

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