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Locksmith In Nashville Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe From Burglars

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Not only has 2020 been named the year of COVID, but it has also been the worst year on record for dog robberies. Shockingly, certain areas of the US have seen a crime rise of 250 percent. According to analysts, lockdown also contributed to the increase in demand for dogs for companionship, which offenders have capitalized on. Given the enormous number of people buying dogs during the lockdown, it’s only normal to fear that the dogs will be left at home and risk being robbed as people return to work in January. We are eager to protect people’s homes, families, and fuzzy pets from locksmithintruders. That’s why our top locksmith in Nashville tips have been put together to help keep your pet secure. You’re bound to find a few things you can do to keep the baddies away, including adding CCTV to high-security locks.

Tip 1 for home security: invest in exterior security lighting

Understandably, you could not get home from work with winter nights in full swing until it’s midnight. Darkness presents the pet burglar with the right backdrop. Keep your pet healthy by adding automatic exterior lighting that turns on when activity is detected.

Tip 2 for Home Protection: CCTV installation

To stop a pet abuser, you don’t have to go for the top-of-the-line home CCTV. To make a burglar think twice, even a tiny camera pointed at the house’s front, and back can be enough. What’s more, in the unfortunate case of your pet being kidnapped, you may be able to locate the culprit.

Tip 3 for home security: update your locks

It is essential to update the locks with high security locks for doors in Nashville. For a lock-picking robber to unlock, old-fashioned locks take only two seconds, and it just takes a couple more seconds to rob a cat, too. Most notably, if only one door is fitted with high-security locks, make sure it’s in front.

Tip 4 for home security: Shut down and lock the windows

The guideline was to keep rooms well ventilated during lockdown to minimize the chance of coronavirus infection. It’s easy to forget to close them, though, making pickings easy for your home. And if just a little gap is left exposed in the glass, a burglar will push it to open before they come to take your furry friends forever.

Tip 5 for home security: Make sure that your garden is safe

Usually, when you think about keeping your dog’s garden safe, you think about ‘dog-proofing’ it to guarantee that they can’t run. But have you often talked of how you might keep your garden ‘thief-proof’ too? Easy-to-open wooden doors, a lack of high safety locks, and short jumping hedges may all be inviting. Having them microchipped is another way to keep your pet healthy. They will be returned to you in the unfortunate event that they are stolen and discovered. The locksmith in Nashville professionals here at Pro-Locksmith will help if you’re looking for high-security locks to keep your pet secure. Call us on +161 574 71530 to repair your locks, or get a home security evaluation where we can give you plenty of home security advice.

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